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Community description:inspiration
Welcome to cupids


cupids is a pro-inspiration graphics community, designed to promote confidence and happy!feels. You can post icons, banners, poems, photos, snippets of your day, inspirational fanmixes; anything, as long as it is positive and cheerful. I appreciate that we all get sad sometimes, but this community is about self-reflect and positivity, so please do not post anything along a depressive theme. You can post anything from photos of baby hippos to your latest metaphysical musing. Diversity is encouraged.

This community is not for fandom - while we all love our fandoms, I would like to keep cupids original-centric if possible.

We would also like to offer advice here, your posts may contain a question or a call for advice; if you're going through a hard time, we are here for you. If you would like to remain anonymous, PM me (cirque) with your post details and I will post on your behalf. If there is enough demand, I might set up a post whhere you can comment anonymously.

Here at cupids we are pro-body positivity and self-confidence; this community is all about making you feel good, whoever you are, whatever you do. Discrimination of any kind is not allowed and I will be operating a zero tolerance system towards this. If someone posts homosexual poetry and you get vocal about it, you will get a PM in warning and/or be banned from the community. This comm is in support of mental health illnesses and any stereotyping should be left out of posts.

Other than that, what you post is entirely your decision. The more the merrier. Your posts can have a theme, or they can just be word-dumps. I only ask that anything excessively long goes behind a cut, thank you. Anything beyond 2 paragraphs, 3 icons, or 1 banner sized image must be under a cut, to keep people's reading pages unclogged.

If you post anything that you did not create, please link to a source, so that fellow members can explore artists/writers. Please note: tumblr, flickr, etc are not sources, thank you. However, if you don't know the source (because I understand how things can get lost through tumblr etc) then make a note of that in your post, and I'll do my best to track the source down. If anything belongs to you then please say, so that other members can credit.

Please tag your posts appropriately, you can view current tags here. If you are a regular member (>5 posts) then I will create a member tag for you.

Thanks for reading the rules; I hope you enjoy your stay here.
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